The Face of Networking

What is a better feeling than going to your eatery and having the person serving you know your name and how you like your food? Today’s business world has been hidden behind social media. It’s easy to post the hell out of your paintings and illustrations.  I have a few people I follow that I would love to see in real life!  Their work is so beautiful. The problem is there is a disconnect because I only get to see it on Instagram and I have never met the artist.

It’s time to suit up and get out there. Let’s Network!


Networking in person allows people to see you.  It’s really simple.  People want to see who they are dealing with and how they carry themselves.  It is important to create awareness and recognition.  Give your new clients and collectors a strong handshake with a huge high five.


The best way to network is by joining existing social circles.  You may be into books, golf or even cycling. There are already groups out there that meet regularly that share that common bond.  It won’t take long to build a relationships with people that are already like minded.  When they find out what other assets and talents you have, you are going to be the one they trust.

You can also form your own groups.  It doesn’t have to be a about your painting or products.  If you are a runner, set up a running group that meets weekly.  Bring together a bunch of people that what to hang out.  We are social creatures so it shouldn’t be to hard.

Follow Up

After getting out there and spending a weekend at an Art Fair or Tattoo Convention, it is very important to follow up.  Give your new friends a phone call and tell them you enjoyed meeting them.  You can write a letter or even send a small gift.  This is how you start to build new meaningful relationships.

Don’t hide in safely in your studio forever! Let people meet you.  They are interested in your work and now they want to put a face with it.  Let your smile shine.

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