Relieving the Tension in Retention

It is Business 101 to know that it is cheaper to keep an existing client than to make new ones.  In this episode of Bastards of Art, we discuss how to concentrate your efforts on retaining the clientele base that you already have.

Do you still remember what it was like to be a client? You should walk yourself through how you conduct business through the eyes of your client.  Is it engaging, informative and efficient?  It’s time to reassess how well you are retaining your people.  We all get busy working, but remember, you’re prospering today because of the seeds you planted yesterday.

This podcast will expand on the following ideas:


1. Product and brand

Brand yourself.

2. Sell and Educate

What is life like before and after a client meets you?

3. Get personal.

Being consistent with your client and getting to know them as well.

4. Give good, get good.

Be efficient with you and your clients time. You will get out what you put in.


Do you do it? Do you practice it?

Practice being a client again.

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