Episode 65

Tattoo Education

Most fields that require a license to operate also require some form of continuous education. The benefit to this is not only for the practitioner’s sake but it raises the industry standards as well.

In the tattoo industry, formal education is frowned upon. From time to time a tattoo school will open with the intent to take an artist from no previous experience to licensed tattooist but I am not concerned with these monkey factories. What I am referring to is the abyss that looms over an artist after his first years of practicing.

For the most part, it is up to the individual to be responsible for bettering themselves. The problem lies in not know what needing improvement and what resources are available to them. For those who entered tattooing by apprenticing in a street shop, the lines are blurred to what comes after the formative years of their career. If you are wanting to continue to specialize in your field there is not a lot of programs for continuous education.

Matt Hodel

Bastards of Art Host: Matt Hodel

Matt Hodel is the owner of Ragtime Tattoo and Lillian Press in St. Louis Missouri. Working as a self-employed artist since 1995, he left his fine arts degree for a path in the low brow art world. He apprenticed for tattooing in the 90's at Iron Age Studios. From there he has traveled the globe working as an artist.
Today Matt splits his time between St. Louis and the Ozark Mountains. He enjoys Risograph Printing, landscape painting, and digital painting. Matt brings these podcasts to you the listener in hopes to inspire and motivate.

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