Episode 67

Steps to a Creative Workflow

There is nothing worse than being inspired to art but not being able to art. I can not count how many times I would see something on YouTube that would make me want to draw. I happed to often and it was so frustrating. I was so stoked to create something but after I set up my drawing table, nothing. Nothing happened. I just stared at my page.

I still do this.

The difference is, now when it happens, I have a plan of attack. I have a workflow that I can fall back on to help me get going and reach my art moment of ZEN. I chase the artist high. It is what I live for. My advice to those that get stumped is to set up a few steps to bring you into art mode.


This is the part that will pay off in the long run but feels like work in the beginning. Take a minute to make a guide of what you are trying to say. Visually or literally. Make some small sketches, do not commit to anything and try to make a quick blueprint for your ideas to attach themselves to.


We have our conscious and our sub-conscious minds that we live with. If you do the preparation phase, you are allowing your two worlds to collaborate on an idea. Therefore, the preparation phase is important. While you are in the incubation phase, ideas will loosely fly around your brain. You are slowly finding the chord that ties it all together.


The “AH-HA” moment. You are now focused. You know how to get to your goals and the only thing left to do, is to do it. This step is when your artist high kicks in. Time slows down and you obtain tunnel vision. This is why we art.


This is your reward for following a path. You are no longer lost. The words spill onto the page, your fingers move quickly on the piano and your brushes have a mind of their own. Congratulations you are making art.
Let your voice be heard.

Matt Hodel

Bastards of Art Host: Matt Hodel

Matt Hodel is the owner of Ragtime Tattoo and Lillian Press in St. Louis Missouri. Working as a self-employed artist since 1995, he left his fine arts degree for a path in the low brow art world. He apprenticed for tattooing in the 90's at Iron Age Studios. From there he has traveled the globe working as an artist.
Today Matt splits his time between St. Louis and the Ozark Mountains. He enjoys Risograph Printing, landscape painting, and digital painting. Matt brings these podcasts to you the listener in hopes to inspire and motivate.

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