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Bastrards of Art Podcast : Episode 18

Travel. Its hard to see the world from one spot.  If we are truly a product of out environment, we must change our surroundings to change ourselves. It is important for an artist to have a keen and perspective. In this episode Matt and Jon discuss how travel has changed their life.  From there personal experience…

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Bastards of Art Podcast : Episode 7

Time Management Did you make time for your personal “Honey do list?”  If you are like most people, the end of the day comes at you faster than you expedted.  It can leave you feeling swamped and overwhelmed.  If only there was a few more hours before bed time! The “Bastards of Art Episode 7” has…

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Bastards of Art Interview : Carl Nappa

Carl Nappa Producer/Engineer Carl Nappa is the poster child for talent infused with hard work.  He worked his way up from the bottom in an unforgiving music industry.  He has more than 30 million gold, platinum and multi-platnuim albums to his credit. It would be impossible for you to have never heard an album he…

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