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Bastartds of Art : Episode 19

The SketchBook The spearhead of our ego. The Sketchbook is an uncomfortable little book that hold our “could be’s” and “would have been’s”.   Truthfully, it is rare to see a sketch book filled form cover to cover in perfected art.  A sketch book is just what it is, a book for sketching. Sketch: a rough…

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Bastards of Art Podcast : Episode 16

Print and Display As promised, Bastards of Art Podcast helps to explain in depth how your art work can be photographed or scanned for reproduction. This is single handedly the most frustrating part of distributing Art!  If it was only as simple as a “How to Video”. The common thread in the entire CAPTURE-DISPLAY-PRINT process…

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Bastards of Art Podcast : Episode 11

To Be an Entrepreneur Many people have great ideas for the next big thing.  Having an idea and seeing it to fruition takes that certain someone. I sat down with Bale from Albuquerque’s Por Vida Tattoo to talk about his latest endeavor, creating a magazine entitled “Tattoo Marque”. In this episode of Bastards of Art,…

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