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Bastards of Art : Episode 54

“How much should I charge for my work?” The answers will vary and nobody can give you a clear cut answer.  There is a way to narrow down your current worth.  You must take into account a few variables: What impression do you leave? Who can vouch for you? What do you do thats different…

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Bastartds of Art : Episode 19

The SketchBook The spearhead of our ego. The Sketchbook is an uncomfortable little book that hold our “could be’s” and “would have been’s”.   Truthfully, it is rare to see a sketch book filled form cover to cover in perfected art.  A sketch book is just what it is, a book for sketching. Sketch: a rough…

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Bastards of Art Interview : Carl Nappa

Carl Nappa Producer/Engineer Carl Nappa is the poster child for talent infused with hard work.  He worked his way up from the bottom in an unforgiving music industry.  He has more than 30 million gold, platinum and multi-platnuim albums to his credit. It would be impossible for you to have never heard an album he…

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