Episode 8

The Path to Digital Drawing

It is inevitable that your art work will become digital.  If you have posted a picture on a social media outlet, it already has. It may have started as a tangible pencil drawing that could be smeared and torn but as soon as that picture was taken, it became a file and is now viewable from laptops to mobile phones.

Matt and Jonathan discuss their adventures discovering the process of making art with computers and tablets.  There is a small learning curve but it unlocks techniques that could not have been phathomed in the traditional proccesses.

If you have been interested in switching over to a world where Tron meets Picasso, this episode will shed some light on the subject of digital art.



Bastards of Art Host: Matt Hodel

Matt Hodel is the owner of Ragtime Tattoo and Lillian Press in St. Louis Missouri. Working as a self-employed artist since 1995, he left his fine arts degree for a path in the low brow art world. He apprenticed for tattooing in the 90's at Iron Age Studios. From there he has traveled the globe working as an artist.
Today Matt splits his time between St. Louis and the Ozark Mountains. He enjoys Risograph Printing, landscape painting, and digital painting. Matt brings these podcasts to you the listener in hopes to inspire and motivate.

For other projects vist: Matt Hodel Design


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