Episode 10

Marketing NOT Advertising

Turn your Likes into Gold! Actually, turn your Social Media apps and services into a productive tool.

Jonathan and Matt explain how to understand how to funnel your online content into real world meetings.  It doesn't have to feel so confusing.  Ever wonder what to post online to get people purchase your wares?

There are three basic ideas to this funnel effect:

  1. Set up social media tools.
  2. Have a Website with good information and a Contact Page.
  3. Set up an easy way for you to follow up on all contacts.

Sound pretty simple? It really is.  But there a a few thing you need to understand. When starting with step one, there is a lot of trial and error.  Get out there and see what works.  To actually track your progress, or see if people are even flocking to your web page, look at the analytics.  The internet tracks your every click, so it is very simple to see if you are getting the traffic you had hoped for.

You can look at your websites traffic to see how long people stay on your page and what they visit.  Are they clicking on that contact information page?

I will say that to date, (all 10 episodes mind you) this has been my favorite episode. Not only do I feel very strongly about online marketing, but Jonathan and I brought in an expert, Erica Skrivan.  Erica is an Account Manager at Kolbeco, A Brand Media Agency in O'Fallon, MO.  Together with her team, they can help anyone drive traffic to your closing sales. Erica says, "I mange client relationships, develop content, manage social media accounts, branding, PR, and much more..."

Please enjoy this episode of the Bastards of Art Podcast!  If you are interested in taking your online marketing to a streamlined performance, you can explore http://www.kolbeco.net.

Thank you

-Matt Hodel


Bastards of Art Host: Matt Hodel

Matt Hodel is the owner of Ragtime Tattoo and Lillian Press in St. Louis Missouri. Working as a self-employed artist since 1995, he left his fine arts degree for a path in the low brow art world. He apprenticed for tattooing in the 90's at Iron Age Studios. From there he has traveled the globe working as an artist.
Today Matt splits his time between St. Louis and the Ozark Mountains. He enjoys Risograph Printing, landscape painting, and digital painting. Matt brings these podcasts to you the listener in hopes to inspire and motivate.

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