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In this Episode you will get an overview of how to turn your art into a reproduction.  If you are looking to sell fine art prints or just wanting to display your work on a web page, there are a few concepts that have to be discovered to retain the visual intent of your art.

Without a doubt most artist have seen reproductions of their work that look less than stellar. There is more to creating a reproduction that “scan and print”.  The good news is you don’t have to be a genius to understand this new language. A basic understanding will help to navigate the world of rendering intent.

The general break down is Capture, Display and Print.

Capture : How the image is converted to a digital file. (scanner, DSLR..)

Display : What platform the file is view. (monitor, iPhone television..)

Print : How to convert your project back to a physical image. (poster, banner, art print..)

In the following episodes we will break each step down a bit more but for now enjoy an overview of the printing process on this episode of TheBastards of Art.


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