“Marks or shapes can happen spontaneously as we explore with tools, media, or substances for pictorial, textural, or sculptural effects and, in the process, decide on what is beautiful or exciting without consciously knowing how and why. We may pour in feelings and emotions during the process, resulting in a kind of artistic expression that reflects out personality in the form of our tastes and inclinations. This is the intuitive approach to visual creation.

Alternatively, we can create having prior recognition of particulate problems that must be dealt with. When we define the goals and limits, analyze the situations, consider all available options, choose the elements for synthesis, and try to come up with the most appropriate solutions, this is the intellectual approach. It requires systematic thinking with a high degree of objectivity, although personal response to judgment of beauty, harmony, and excitement must be present in all visual decisions.”

The first two paragraphs from the book: Principles of Form and Design – Wucius Wong

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