Bastards of Art | Episode 61

Darwin Vs Einstein

The creative person is one of two different creative types:

Charles Darwin was a great experimental innovator, who spent decades accumulating evidence on evolution and its mechanisms, and made his greatest contributions late in his career.

Albert Einstein was a great conceptual innovator, who made discoveries through highly abstract reasoning, and made his greatest contributions early in his career.

In this episode of Bastards of Art, Matt Hodel discusses the creative side of ourselves and how to get in touch with it.


  1. Simon on January 30, 2023 at 4:19 pm

    Love this, man. I know you’ve stopped doing this but thank you so much. Every time I’m stuck in my own process or I’ve got some kind of block. I just come back to art bastards and I can get going again in something completely new. This seems to happen more often as I get older! Ha!

    I’m guessing you’ve just moved on or this podcast maybe just came to end of its life. maybe it feels like you’re just talking to the air and it’s pointless, or something else I don’t know. But again thank you, the content is just spot on for where I’m at. I know it’s like years old now but I really hope more artists find this. Good luck with whatever you’re doing. Cheers, Simon

    • mlhodel on January 30, 2023 at 4:27 pm

      I do want to get back to it. I broke my leg a few years back and it just fucked up a lot of projects I had going on.

      I’m stoked to get your message. I feel bad that I haven’t gotten back to it, but I’m moving my office to a quieter spot and I’m hoping to be back at it.

      Thank you!!!!

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